Shoaib Here For Dare Dreams. This is the point from which I could never return,And if I back down now then forever I burn,This is the point from which I could never retreat Cause If I turn back now there can never be peace,This is the point from which I will die and succeed,Living the struggle, I know I'm alive when I bleed,From now on it can never be the same as before,Cause the place I'm from doesn't exist anymore. Fight for Peace.spread love..Religion is for Humanity.if Humanity is not there,no religion is there.. Wings oF Fire: DIL badaldeh


My Life

Dear World :)

Assalamalekum / Hi world

I'm Shoaib ahamed.


Naa mi samjah paoongah ,Naa aap samaj pavogeh.May be Only ALLAH can Explain.

My blog is started on Friday ,July 17/6/2005.This Blog for sharing cool things.what I Have learned and studying in Life..This Blog is Not for
ONE purpose(TOPIC). What is happening around the world.This Blog wants to spread love.I'm Working Hard as Being Human.fight for justice,peace.Unique to all.MORE TO DO.

When proudness I comes ,God will format U.. So Be Humble Baby.

"There is one thing you should never forget okay.
No matter how gifted, you alone cannot change the world.
But that's the reason why the world we living is so special."

"Some are in if for Justice."

"Sometimes, the questions are complicated - and the answers are simple."

"Being alone is better than being with the wrong person."

"Learn to treasure your life because unfortunately, it can be taken away from you anytime."

"Let's show him...that the good guys always win".

"Humanity has the power to change the future."

I know you have everything But you are nothing.I don't have anything But I'm something.

"I have two rules: First, I'm never wrong. Second, if I'm wrong... back to the first rule."

My life (Infinity ∞,circle 0) is mystery with Deleted History.

May Be you are successful to Erase ,Delete ,format History.But Unfortunately Truth is " History Repeat itself ".

If You start me with violence, you are going to end with violence.As Per my experience.You Don't know How violence will be..Do you want to see your end.Just mess with me.

You Have two options.Be wise to see me as Being Human or Monster..Choose is yours.

"There are... many types of monsters in this world: Monsters who will not show themselves and who cause trouble; monsters who abduct children; monsters who devour dreams; monsters who suck blood, and... monsters who always tell lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance. They are much more cunning than other monsters. They pose as humans even though they have no understanding of the human heart. They eat even though they've never experienced hunger. They study even though they have no interest in academics. They seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it. Because in truth, I am that monster."

I do,Do you ?



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Friday, July 17, 2009

DIL badaldeh

Badal de Dil ki duniya dil badal dayMera Ghaflat mein dooba dil badal dayHawa-o-Hirs wala dil badal dayMera Ghaflat mein dooba dil badal dayBadal de Dil ki duniya dil badal dayKhudaya Fazl farmaa dil badal dayGunah gaari main kab tak Umr kaatounBadal day Mera rasta dil badal daySunoun Main naam Tera dharkanon MainMaza aajaye Maula dil badal dayHataaloun aankh apni Maa-siwa sayJiyoun Mein Teri khatir dil badal dayKaroun Qurbaan Apni Saari KhushiyaanTu apna ghum ata kar dil badal daySehal farmaa musalsal yaad apniKhudaya Reham farmaa dil badal dayPara houn Teray dar par dil shikastaRahoun kyu dil shikasta dil badal dayTera hojaoun itni arzoo hayBas itni hay tamanna dil badal dayMeri faryaad sunlay Meray MaulaBanalay apna banda dil badal dayTera hojaoun itni arzoo hayBas itni hay tamanna dil badal dayMeri faryaad sunlay Meray MaulaBanalay apna banda dil badal dayDilay magmoom ko masroor kardayDil-e-be noor ko purnoor kardayFaroza dil mein sham-e-toor karday 
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Muzaffar said...

yeh toh bahut bada hai......
how to read ji