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My blog is started on Friday ,July 17/6/2005.This Blog for sharing cool things.what I Have learned and studying in Life..This Blog is Not for
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When proudness I comes ,God will format U.. So Be Humble Baby.

"There is one thing you should never forget okay.
No matter how gifted, you alone cannot change the world.
But that's the reason why the world we living is so special."

"Some are in if for Justice."

"Sometimes, the questions are complicated - and the answers are simple."

"Being alone is better than being with the wrong person."

"Learn to treasure your life because unfortunately, it can be taken away from you anytime."

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"Humanity has the power to change the future."

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My life (Infinity ∞,circle 0) is mystery with Deleted History.

May Be you are successful to Erase ,Delete ,format History.But Unfortunately Truth is " History Repeat itself ".

If You start me with violence, you are going to end with violence.As Per my experience.You Don't know How violence will be..Do you want to see your end.Just mess with me.

You Have two options.Be wise to see me as Being Human or Monster..Choose is yours.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 Assalamalekum Friends...

with in a short time after Hazrat Abed khan sahab(RA) death loss ... another great personality ..


About Hazrat     

While I'm in Intermediate days (11th class-2003-04)..Hazrat came to Nellore ...Hazrat speeches held in some masjids...I still remember ,Hazrat saw the things from long distance..
Hazrat Use to say ,I will not give musafa to those people ,who still not go to jamat,why because your sins may be touch my body...
Hazrat loves to see Young generation in sunnah...And no One Has gutz to go infront of Hazrat,wearing T-shirts..
I heard from Our akabirs..That Imam e Kaba -Mecca  "shaik abdul rahman sudais sab(DB)  cried touching Hazrat hands..while Many of Non muslims converted  into Muslims..


 Hazrat traveled more than 56 countries, spending whatever he has earned in his life .He goes in the path of Allah for about 8 months in a year and spends 4 months with his family.He did baith on hands of Moulana yousuf kandhalvi (rah) and moved on foot through jungles of Africa,in the sands of Arab,in the cold of European countries to spread islam.
Entered America to spread islam and changed lakhs of them.
But remains hidden for this is done for Allah and not for shows.
 His age is now 99(may Allah give barkath in his life) and even now he goes for 8months in the path of Allah.This is the energy of eman which makes him stand to fight for islam at this age.
Tabligh in South Africa

It was the time when there was racism in south africa between whites and blacks.
And jamath was not given permission to enter into africa since they were blacks.
Hazrath moulana yousuf (rah) asked karnal sab " see u are a karnal and u must find a way to enter into africa " .
Then a plan was made using the map to enter into africa.According to map they have to walk in the jungles of Africa for around 4000 km.They walked by the name of Allah for around 7 months in jungles and entered africa.
but they could hardly spend 2 days that police caught them as many were indians and karnal sab was a white man.
They put the jamath in jail.
Since karnal sab was a white man they requested him to leave africa and they will make arrangement for that..but karnal sab denied and he said that we want to meet our brothers here.
The jamath was brought to the main officer..he asked karnal sab to write the reason of coming to africa..
Then karnal sab took the letter and wrote six points of tabligh and said we have come to learn this.
The letter was scanned by the intelligence of south africa and they sent a report saying we did not understand anything.
But they said we understood that you are not political and we are sorry for putting u in jail.
The government of south africa gave a apologise letter to karnal sab and they also said that if u come next time to our country we will give u one year permission for our mistake.
In the mean time people came to know that jamath has come from india and it is in prison, people of africa were bringing meals to prison.the meals were so much that they were distributed in prison and the meals brought by people were enough for all. Meanwhile by the grace of allah many of the prisoners accepted islam by seeing the atmosphere in jail by preachings of the jamath.

Cannot forget hazrat cries in duas after majlis. "Dede mere
moula, dede mere moula, dede mere moula, dede naaa"

Here I have a Speech of Hazrat click here.

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