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Saturday, April 23, 2011

All About M.Tech ,M.e, pg. In INDIA

   All About M.Tech ,M.e, pg. In INDIA
Assalamalekum / Hi friends..
Every Day of our Life is important..after studying / Be. Experience of elders,seniors students help me  to see the world.I'm sharing my experience.i think it will help full for You all.I don't want to talk about Intelligent students.How they prepared in they concentrated on studies,and update of .scored good percentage.

I want to help the average student, who not studied in life,and not scored good percentage.and Not studied completely  ,Do know Basics of engineering. .some of average students passed the by GOD grace gifted  Hard work +  clear subjects in supplementary exams in their engineering life.
Generally average students will in dilemma after what to do next.?. Here, I want to tell you on some thing..some real incidents,thoughts of all student ,parents..
some students are bored to  study after .why Because they studied well 22 years..They want to settle in life soon ,and want to do job..
some average,duller students will feel that up-to know they did not done any thing in life,Not studied as their talents have.It is the time to make stronger decision for them to make Him/her life Beautiful and Best time for  payback to the parents Happiness.

why I have to do / after joining in
1)Don't do mistakes what you have done in
2)for good percentage ..
3)Gain the knowledge,studies what you not have up-to Now(22Years).
4) to strong enough ,confidence to do good job.

Entrance exams to do in INDIA.

1)Gate (BY IIT/IISC):
gate exam
 Helpful websites for u.all about ..very inspirational  great friend, great student .brother  
" Mohammad abdul hai zahid "

.His own website


2)Tancet (By ANNA university ):
Anna University

3)pgecet( BY Osmania university):

4)karnataka pg-cet (By visvevaraya technological university):
vtu exam

5)Pondichery university pg exam (BY pondichery university ):
pondicheri university exam


6)vit univerity(By vit university ,vellore)
vit exam 

7)SRM university (By srm university ):
mOre exams will be there in Indian Universities.I selected Best as i know..please research on exams if u want more entrance exams for pg,M.Tech,M.e.

How to prepare this exams.
For gate exam    --- Minimum 6 months /4th year of
For Tancet exam ---Minimum 3 months ..
For Pgecet exam---Minimum 2 months /after gate Results..

Books Needed :
For gate exam     ---- U have to prepare from Basics ,Made easy publications is Best...kanodia, Upkar series By ashish Dixit is helpful ...
For Pgecet exam ---- same as gate exam.
For Tancet exam ---- shakti publications.
please know about more best books..
Helpful Orkut communities 
For tancet

For Pgecet

another friend,well wisher,thank full friend Here to Help u 
"shafi "

His ownblog

counseling : One thing must to know that .in all Non gate exams ..first they prefer gate quota,then nongate quota,Reservation category starts sc,st,Bc.oc.then last and least Nonlocal seats..
For a One branch(ie specification) 15/20/max35 seats will be there, 
college have minimum 3/4 Branches in M.e / ..
3(35)=105 seats ..
In any Non gate exams,adding with university , top 10 afflicted colleges  =Minimum 1 - 1500 Ranks are safe for joining in good colleges..

 Ranking system in Tancet 2009 and 2010 ranks and 2010 counseling dates.

Mtech2009tancet ranks.txt
TANCET ranks ME 2010.txt

Try to write all exams join M.Tech without wasting One year after you are qualified in entrance exams of Non gate exams .after your attending counseling you can select Best or good college  in any of their afflicted colleges .If u failed in all exams ,again you want to join without wasting one year join management seats ...

Don't want to join in management seats at any cost ..and not interested...
wait for One year with good sound of preparing for all exams..Best way to get good score in gate exams and dreams to join in IIT & IISC.,top most Indian universities..for average student or duller student there is good opportunities to gain what you want Join in Best institutes off gate coaching centers .Ace institute ,Abids  road ,Hyderabad.,Another top institute MADE EASY ,Delhi, /Hyderabad ..

In these institutes surely you will get good Knowledge ,Best studies. from Retired IIT lecturers,Gate rankers ,Ies employes,Phd...
Lecturers are very inspirational here..Me too studied in ACE institute..inspiring lecturers with thing you have to remember ,joining in these institutes will help you lot But you have to do assignment daily..ALL the Best.I 'm hoping that it will helpful for at-least one person..please forward the link to your juniors ..
                     " stay hungry stay foolish "--steve jobs (apple co-founder)

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Avinash Reddy A said...

Nice post, Shoaib!

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Thanks Da

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Yusrizal Panjaitan,
mee too happy to meet u..

AIEEE said...

Nice post. Parents are parents, not Gods. Of course they cannot have all the answers. The way you explain things to your kids should do all the work…it all comes under parenthood and your people skills.
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