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Saturday, November 13, 2010


 Assalamalekum Brothers & sisters. Our elders .Our freedom fighters gave their life to free from British ruling..they fight for us.they sacrifice life's.

Different Religions, Different People's are Unity to fight to get Independence ..
I feel Bad to see that we have no peace Here after separation of India - Pakistan Muslims.
I strongly Believes that, if they not done mistake...

No killing in Kashmir ..

Moulana abul kalam azad (RA) is one of the great Indian Muslim scholar and freedom fighter..He wants Hindu - Muslims Unity ..

His last speech to Indo - pak Muslims.. 
Moulana abul kalam Aazd (R A)  emotional speech .sad speech.sad moments....
 Some of overview of speech in 1948 at jama masjid delhi

Moulana said

My dear brothers today you are leaving our country, did u ever think what will be the outcome of this, if you go away the muslims in india will become weak.

He says " Listen to me carefully, hindu can differ with your religion but they cant differ within your clans, but in pakistan you will
face the difference of the clan (khoum) "

He also said "What makes me more sad is some people have mixed with British and made the
istaymaiyath(togetherness) of muslims weak "

Now my dear muslim brothers we have only one thing with us, and that is islam, we have saved islam, the sun of islam will never go down in india

he said " that group which cant save themselves, even the law cant save them. "

pakistan is formed by those leaders who never actively took part in independence except for personal use and they have implemented thoughts of british of dividing muslims

now the damage has been done,
the muslims of the both countries arent going to save each other untill they are prone to politics and weakness.

see the difference line is based on hindus and muslims, and now in pakistan people thing they are muslims, so now it has become much more difficult to help each other

He said "
these two countries will now focus on military and there will not be any development of the society "

He said

" i called u, u cut my tongue
i raised my hands and u have cut my hands
i wanted to move ahead and u cut my legs
i wanted to bring a change and u have broken my backbone"

All those who have taken the prestigious name of hijrath for going away please think. Try to think using ur brain. Then see where are u going and why are u going and see this masjid of Delhi is asking u a question, lift ur eyes and see, this tombs of shahjahan masjid are asking u where u have lost ur history. The places of elders are asking u, with whom ur leaving us, the echo of Allahu Akbar of azan is asking u, on whose mercy ur leaving us. These are saying O people who are going, i fear u may forget urself afterwards. O people who are going away listen to me, i fear u people may kill urself. O people who are running away listen to this also, i fear it may happen that it may not be possible for you to save your own imaan.

Today u have been filled with fear, today in Delhi lines are drawn with Ur blood. My friends fill yourself with basic understanding, don’t fear with these things. The pain the enemy feels when triggering a gun, a Muslim will not even feel .10 % of that much pain while dying. Cawardness and Muslims cant live at one place. Neither cheating nor any fear can make a Muslim feared. Don’t fear seeing the people going away, today they have left Ur hand, there is nothing to be surprised in that.

  he calls Muslims not to fear.
More about moulana abul kalam azad (RA)

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